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Attorneys With Integrity

Edmonds & Logue PC as a whole prides itself in giving people personal attention, being available to our clients, setting clear expectations, and keeping clients up to date on their case.  In addition, Edmonds & Logue represents themselves, and will represent our clients, with respect for the system and other people involved while representing their client zealously.  Edmonds & Logue does believe that respecting people and treating them accordingly will lead to our clients having the best outcomes they can hope for.

Rocklon "Rocky" Edmonds

A graduate of the University of Wyoming Law School, Rocky earned his undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science. He is licensed to practice law in both Colorado and Wyoming.

Rocklon Edmonds

Prior to establishing Edmonds & Logue, PC, Rocky was a public defender and prosecutor for over 15 years. During this time, he maintained a private practice immersed in civil and criminal litigation – as well as real estate, collections, and administrative law – aiding in the drafting of new forms for the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. 

In 2006, he purchased Collection Law Center, PC, where he worked with Gerald Russell in collecting consumer and commercial debts for clients all over Wyoming. In 2012, the firm changed its name to Edmonds & Russell, PC, and began helping clients in Colorado and Utah, as well as Wyoming. Then, in 2014, the firm added a new partner and became known as Edmonds, Russell & Logue, PC, and currently has lawyers licensed in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.  In 2015, the firm was again renamed to its current name, Edmonds & Logue PC.

Rocky is dedicated to helping people solve civil and criminal problems regardless of the complexity.  In addition, Rocky thinks it is important to work well with not only clients and families, but court staff and other attorneys as well.

Jeffrey M. Logue

A graduate of the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver, he earned his undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University, as well as a Master's Degree in Sports Administration from the University of Kentucky. Jeff is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.

Jeff joined Edmonds & Russell PC in June of 2012, concentrating in debt collection litigation. He quickly showed his value to the firm as a litigator, manager, and leader, and was made a partner in 2014, forming Edmonds, Russell & Logue, PC.  In early 2015, the Firm name changed again to reflect the current active Partners, become Edmonds & Logue PC.

Jeff has experience practicing civil and criminal litigation both as a plaintiff, prosecutor and defense counsel. He prosecuted cases for the Greeley City Attorney's Office and the Weld County District Attorney's office before coming to Edmonds & Logue PC. To date, Jeff has represented various clients in civil litigation in Colorado County, District, and Federal Courts, as well as Utah District Court and Wyoming Circuit Court. He also has defended clients in criminal proceedings throughout Colorado.

Jeffrey M. Logue

In addition to litigation, Jeff has worked on various civil matters including probate, wills and trusts, contract review, landlord-tenant disputes, lease agreement review, and document production in several areas of law. Jeff believes that the way you treat people goes a long way toward getting them to work with you. He also thinks that, even though the law leads to adversity between parties, the law can be practiced with respect to all parties.